Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Schedule and Updates

Happy Summer!  We've been in our new dojo for a little over a month now, and finally starting to feel settled into the new space. 
Quick recap for those not in the know;  We are now based at 520 Clinton ave. (left entrance) in the fellowship hall of the historic Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew, a half a block from the Clinton-Washington C train.   
Two quick announcements from the dojo: 
Malik our resident monk will be traveling down to New Orleans for the summer sesshin (meditation retreat) at the New Orleans Zen Temple.  This will be the second sesshin this year where a Brooklyn sangha member will be taking the Bodhisattva or lay vows.  For more information on lay ordination email us or check out the website.   
Secondly, keep an eye out for an announcement of our first full-day retreat in the new space, sometime in August.  A full day retreat is a great way to intensify the practice you've been learning, complete with the full ceremony, yoga and genmai. 
With our new dojo we've got room to spread our legs (when we're not sitting of course), so be on the look out for a Fall schedule of new programming including Dharma talks, yoga for meditators, zazen for artists, retreats and much more.  

Our summer schedule should remain unchanged; Sunday's at 4:30 and Thursday's at 7:30.