Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Being Human is a Team Sport

(courtesy:  blas from https://leakeyfoundation.org/about/)

Malik is down in New Orleans for the Summer sesshin this weekend.  We'll be meeting today at 4:30 as usual, holding up the room as the folks in New Orleans complete their 4 day retreat.  

If you're interested in longer sessions, be on the look-out for an email from Malik regarding our first day-long sit, scheduled for Saturday August 19th.  More on that later.  
Wanted to mention briefly a podcast/project I think may be of interest to everyone and how it applies to our practice, and our community. 
Douglas Rushkoff author, early internet utopian, New Yorker has started a project called Team Human.  In Douglas' own words:

being human is a team sport. We cannot be fully human, alone. Anything that brings us together fosters our humanity. Likewise, anything that separates us makes us less human, and less able to exercise our will.
In the most recent episode of the podcast, Douglas speaks with his old friend Walter Kirn as they discuss 'disempowering technologies' and humans training their replacements. 
How does this apply to zazen?  Our modern world doesn't run at a human speed, it operates at a clip and we're told we're supposed to keep up.  We're told to adapt to the pace, against our instinct, not questioning how it got this way in the first place. 
Zazen allows a correction to the narrative, the schedule.  To take back time. To sit, detached from distractions, in our natural human state, for any amount we can - seems passive, but it is a powerful thumb in the eye of the forces that hold influence on the rest of our waking hours.