About Us

(Mu Sho Toku: The Heart of Zen Practice)

The Monju-Do Zen Fellowship is dedicated to the practice of zazen (Zen meditation) in the Soto tradition of Taisen Deshimaru and Kodo Sawaki. The fellowship is an affiliate of the American Zen Association, a national network of Zen communities, led by Richard Collins Roshi. 

We welcome curious seekers and experienced practitioners to join us in Zazen, whether one wishes to enrich one's mindful living practice or as a part of one's deeper exploration and commitment to the Dharma Way. As a sangha, MZF welcomes folks to share, collaborate, explore, learn, and (most importantly) practice the Dharma Way according to their talents and availability. 

We believe that the consistent practice of zazen is a part of living attentively in the "here and now" of daily life. We practice "just sitting" (Shikantaza), which is accessible to all regardless of background or beliefs. We seek to facilitate an environment where people can practice "just sitting" at their own pace, where they can discover the truth of mind/body unity, cultivate intuitive wisdom, and awaken to compassion for themselves and others. 

MZF also offers chanting/ceremony practice and Buddhist precept study for those interested in pursuing the Dharma Way as taught in the American Zen Association. 

Rev. Dr. Malik Hokyu Walker serves as the founding director and lead facilitator of the MZF. He received Bodhisattva (lay) ordination and Shukke Tokudo (monastic/priest ordination) at the New Orleans Zen Temple. Malik has a decade of experience facilitating sitting groups, including at Yale University, Fordham University, and New York University. He has a Ph.D. in theology and serves as an administrator and faculty at NYU.