Join Us!

** MZF is currently conducting practice at an alternative location while St. Luke and Matthew's church is under construction. Please contact us at or fill out our RSVP form for further information about our meetings.

Brooklyn, NY 11238


Sunday afternoons 3:00p-5:00p (doors open at approx. 2:30 pm)

* We ask for a $15-$20 walk-in donation to be sent through our paypal website. 

Introduction to Zen Practice
During this period we also offer introductory instruction for Zen practice for beginners. The introduction includes instruction on sitting, information about the history of zen and our linage, introduction to ceremony and instruments, and refreshments following the end of the session. The donation for introduction is $40 to cover costs of food and equipment. Please submit donation through our paypal or email us if there is a need for an alternative arrangement.

 * Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing (yoga pants/sweats) for maximum comfort while sitting.

For inquiries please email us at