Sesshin (Jp. "To touch the mind") is an essential Zen practice. It is a time where we can come together to share a mind, share space, and share in practice. While, as Livingston, roshi says that Zen is a "do it yourself operation," the sesshin is an opportunity to engage in intensive practice in a way that trains the body and focuses the mind. It is known that everything breaks down in sesshin. This breakdown is not a negative, but a positive affirmation of what Dogen refers to as shin jin datsuraku (jp. "Casting away mind and body"). Sesshin is a time to be savored. We invite beginners and longtime practitioners to share in this intensive and rewarding experience. We are happy to offer seasonal sesshins and we invite you to join us. 

Our next sesshin: November 16-19
Beecher House, Daibosatsuji Monastery
Fees: $350 (covers space, meals, sleeping accommodations) 

To register for sesshin, you can email us or fill in the sesshin registration form
Payment for fees is due 7 days before starting date. 
You can submit payment through our paypal website.