Zen Teachings

Zen Teachings:

Zen Ceremony: Here you can access our zen ceremony. It is a simplified ceremony used by the American Zen Association (AZA). Taisen Deshimaru Roshi, the founder of the AZI (International Zen Association) and forebear of the AZA arranged the ceremony, which we still use to this day.

Year Zero: No fear 
Kusen by Master Taisen Deshimaru 

True religion is meditation, and zazen is the highest expression of it. Zazen is the only method which allows the practical resolution of all contradiction, the harmonization of the left brain and the right brain, humanity and cosmos, God and each individual. Zazen is the source of religion, but also the main principle, the essence, of ecology. Zazen realizes the unity of microcosm and macrocosm.This is why we who have access to this source, we who know Hishiryo [thinking not thinking], are the only ones who have the perspective and the wisdom necessary to see clearly the errors of our time and formulate the principles which will allow for transformation. "It is necessary to find a new principle for humanity. Our group can do it because we truly have the ability to return to the normal condition."

Heart Sutra/Hannya Shingyo (Japanese Transcribed and English Translation)

Sansui Kyo: Mountain and Rivers Sutra by Eihei Dogen Zenji (founder of Soto Zen)

The Practice of the Kesa

No Fear Zen: Discovering Balance in an Unbalanced World by Richard Collins Roshi (Abbot of the New Orleans Zen Temple)

Mushotoku Mind: The Heart of the Heart Sutra by Taisen Deshimaru, edited by Richard Collins Roshi

The Way of True Zen by Taisen Deshimaru

Kusen: Oral Teaching Numbers 1 & 2 by Robert Livingston Roshi